You’re an acquired taste. 

- Revelations, part 2 │ Stargate SG-1 │ s01e13

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witzseeker replied to your post “So, I was talking to my mom about how she thought my sister’s ex has…”

coming out while bonding over the yuckiness of man boobs? well done, you! congrats))

Ha! Thank you! If there’s one thing I know is how to pick the perfect, most memorable moment to break any news. XD


So, I was talking to my mom about how she thought my sister’s ex has man boobs and she said she couldn’t understand why she found that attractive and I say “I know! I mean, I love boobs, but on females!” And then I realise I had not come out to my mom and she looked at me like “Wait. So you DO like girls?” And I was all “Yeah. Haha. Funny, I forgot to mention that before. But yeah. Remember my friend Val? Banged her so hard. Not anymore tho. Life. But anyway, man boobs - YUK” And she said “I kinda always suspected. But anyway, yes, man boobs, awful!” and then we went on for another two hours about what a piece of shit my sister’s ex is and that was my coming out as Bi to my mom. At 35. I take my time. ^^

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The Sundowners (1960)

Fred Zinnemann: Deborah is a very, very good actress. She’s very adaptable and able to play almost anything.
Interviewer: In The Sundowners she’s warm and earthy, and completely believable. The scene in which she watches a wealthy woman on a train powdering her nose is particularly well done.
F.Z.: That’s interesting, you know, because I remember the writer was a lady writer [Isobel Lennart]. That scene had two pages of dialogue in it, which I threw out, because I said it could all be done just with looks. And this writer never forgave me, because her lovely dialogue was thrown out the window, but it would have just killed the scene.
I: Well, the scene is perfect - we understand exactly what Kerr is feeling.
F. Z.: That’s all you need.

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Shanghai Express, 1932

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"I am totally against.. BANTERING!"

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Cary Grant photographed by Philippe Halsman, 1966.

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Helen Magnus + tropes

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