Doctor Who keeps making me uncomfortable and I am not even sure why. Ok no, I do know why. Here’s why:

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whenever a tv show or a movie does the going straight from “finally passionately kissing” to “tumbling into a bed in a different location” i’m like but what about the time in between?

show me:

  • separating long enough to decide to relocate
  • hailing a cab but still holding hands
  • deciding whose place they’re going to
  • trying to unlock a car while making out
  • hand on knee/thigh the whole drive back
  • silently comfortable journey, awkwardly giggly journey
  • whispering dirty things into each other’s ears to make each other blush while the cabbie has no idea
  • making out in the back of a cab, swatting roaming hands when they go too far
  • shyly asking if they’re really going to do this
  • unlocking front doors while making out
  • shaky hands barely handling the keys
  • finally alone, after the intial momentary passion has worn off, not knowing how to proceed
  • nervous laughter while standing in front of each other
  • shyly reaching for each other and finding that passion again
  • apologising for the mess
  • giving a tour of the apartment because awkward
  • grabbing for each other again and leading the way to the bedroom
  • not making it to the bedroom
  • relocating to the bedroom while naked after not having made it there
  • pls show me all of this show me these things

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True. But yes, it gets better. And then each season has one more memorable episode than the previous one and then season 5 happens and season 6 and nothing else matters cause there’s some excellent stuff there. And then you stop understanding anything but you’re too invested to let go. *shrugs* Totally worth it tho. :D

Old City, Mumbai, London, New Tokyo, Hollow Earth

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Could Doctor Who get any more patronizing? Oh sure, why would any girl want to travel through space and time when she can cuddle and watch the TV with a guy? Clearly Clara has been brainwashed.

Oh, fuck off.

Also, what’s with all her sudden need for approval? I need my boyfriend to approve of the Doctor, I need the Doctor to approve of my boyfriend… WAKE UP CLARA, YOU DON’T NEED ANY OF THOSE THINGS. She ought to have a talk with Martha. And Donna too. If only she could remember.

Oh great, now I just gave myself Donna feels.

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SG-1 + The Wizard of Oz 

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Mary Crawley in Series 5 Episode 3

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