YouTube Video: GA Reads Katharine Hepburn’s Letter To Spencer Tracy #LettersLive

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2014 Gillian Anderson reads Katharine Hepburn’s letter to Spencer Tracy, written c.1985.

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Some days you just wanna scream FUCK REGULATIONS. Today is one of these days.

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Wait what. ..Robin’s bought the rights to Sanctuary? ? *shrieks*

ETA: From someone on Twitter (sorry I can’t link it but sounds legit) think maybe it was mentioned at a con panel.

OMG so excited right now. I hope this means we might get a movie or mini-series. Would be amazingggg. I so hope this is true arghhh

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2048: Jack & Sam Edition


Guys!!! I made a thing!!

I don’t know if any of you play 2048, but I saw people posting customized versions of the game so I figured, why not?

Here’s the Sam & Jack version, have fun playing :DD

I’m thinking about making a main characters version and maybe a System Lords version too~~~

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Shit Carter says

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multifandom challenge  (5/20) shows  stargate sg-1

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What I love about Farscape.


Start of Series: rag tag bunch of idiots on the run in a stolen ship in a region of space they know nothing about. Can’t work together, don’t trust each other, and it’s a wonder they haven’t shot each other. 

End of Series: A family of Infamous warriors and Interstellar superpower who can end wars and put whole Empires in their place. All from their peaceful spaceship that has no weapons. 

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Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne
Oz Comic Con Adelaide. Saturday Panel.

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